Standing amidst interior and exterior, body and landscape, event and recollection, Liminal Paintings is a territory of undefinable and indefinite limits, in which queerness, eroticism and imagination find a medium of expression. Each digital painting is the result of a layered operation of reduction. Through the process of solarization, in which extreme overexposure leads to an effect of tone reversal, the saturated, rich color spectrum that characterizes the duo’s cinematic imagination shifts to a hazy dreamscape. Edges are softened, limits are blurred, and contrasts become sensuous.

The space between the eyelid and the eye is a soft, organic boundary, a place of transition – a border made to be crossed. This is where the imprint cast by the sun manifests for our sense of sight. Its image, etched on the retina as a trace, remains visible with closed eyes, and the ghost of a blaze turns into physical presence. By inhabiting an elliptical interlude, past phenomena merge with what is yet to be experienced. Micro-gradients and tactile surfaces disclose figures that exist, unnamed, as impressions of reality in perpetual transformation: enfolded in a limbo, flooded by a fuzzy sense of longing.

A limited edition collector's item by Scandebergs. Handcrafted in UK, numbered edition of 100. Design by Studio Amal Hassan.

a collaboration with Scandebergs
Images by Scandebergs.