Developed by a small team of designers and editors, Unknown Quantities 5 is a concept-based journal that bridges graphic design, critical writing and visual art.

In 2017 the UQ team decided to critically investigate the implications of the word “peripheral” in the current artistic, cultural, social and political scenario. 

UQ5 focuses on the idea of the "peripheral" both as a subject and as a direction, bringing together contributions from the team and external commissions from artists, writers and practitioners.

Edited and designed by Savannah Bader, Francesca Brizzi, Dina Bukva, Bo-Nian Chen, Matyas Czél, Veronica Gisondi, Lucy Maria, Erin Meisenzahl-Peace, Yolanda Su and Veronika Zeleznaja. 

Contributions by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop, Arianna Baldi, Francesca Brizzi, Niccolò Ciulli, Ryan Dzelzkalns, Jacobo Galan Padin, Roberta Garieri, Kathryn Gehred, Natasha Ginwala, Veronica Gisondi, Andrew Kovacs, Susanne Kriemann, Michaela Lakova, Erin Meisenzahl-Peace, Federico Sargentone, Caroline SIngh-Belmar, Tilly Slight, Ulya Soley and Jaclyn Wright. 

UQ5 was printed in London by Calverts on Cyclus Offset 100gsm. Edition of 200.

Supported by Central Saint Martins.

© 2017 the authors and
Unknown Quantities
ISSN: 2055-1479

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